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Slot Strategy & Trick

Slot machines are probably the most popular type of casino game across the globe. After all, what is not to love? Whether you play Japanese pachinko games or classics like Liberty Bell, you can bet they will be thrilling, exciting, vibrant, packed with amazing in-game features, and free spins, all accompanied by advanced graphics, incredible sound effects, and intriguing storylines. Yet, many punters are wondering whether it is possible to win big money on slots, and what slot strategy to use to get their hands on incredible winnings. 

Before we dive right into the world of slot strategies, tips, and tricks, it is important to understand what slots are all about. This particular type of game has 3, 5, or 7 reels, and every reel displays a set of characters related to the theme of the slot. The main goal is to hit the pay line - the winning combination of characters and symbols. In addition to that, there are also special symbols that help you boost your chances of winning, multipliers, free spins, and in-game bonuses. So, with all these factors in the equation, it is easy to figure out how winning big time at slots might not be the simplest thing to do, but yet - it is not impossible. 


The Best Slot Strategy 

Unlike in poker, where you can calculate the house odds, or blackjack where the most advanced punters count cards, slots tend to be a little bit more complicated and demanding. Every title has a specific number of symbols, reels, and pay lines, and the game is so fast-paced it is impossible to just calculate everything and figure out the odds. Sure, there is a Return to Player rate (or RTP), but keep in mind it is calculated with high volumes, so that number probably won’t be as applicable to your gaming session as it seems. However, despite all the randomness, there is a simple, yet effective slot strategy that can help you boost your winnings to the max. 


Step 1 - Find a Solid Casino

And by solid, we don’t mean only safe and regulated, but on a reliable platform as well. Having a transparent and regulated online casino helps punters play knowing all their obligations and that the casino will play the rules, but on the other hand, it is also important to play on a platform that loads fast, has no bugs, or delays whatsoever. So, before even signing up with a regulated casino, every slot player should be sure to do the following: 

  • Check out T&C to see how technical interruptions are handled. For example, if the game freezes, and you were just playing the bonus round, will the casino still keep the money you staked while trying to convince you it’s not their fault, pay you back your latest bet or ignore your problem altogether. 
  • Use demo games and use them under different circumstances as that is the best way to test the reliability of the playing platform. You can spin a few reels on your home computer, while no one is at home, play a few games on your mobile, while being connected to the wifi at your favorite bar, and try to use a tablet while everyone’s at home connected to the same wifi as you. That way, you will avoid playing on a platform that starts buffering as soon as you exit the room with the router. 


Step 2 - Join the Loyalty or VIP Club

Many popular casinos offer special memberships at their loyalty clubs that help you improve your slot strategy in an indirect way. Loyalty programs are most commonly based on points, so for a distinctive amount wagered, you get a number of points that can be exchanged for free spins, bonus money, etc. Furthermore, VIP members usually get additional promotions such as free spins, as well as a chance to play new releases first, so it is not a bad idea to utilize these offers for your own advantage. This is especially important for high rollers who prefer slots over any other game. Let's say you play at a casino that offers you 100 points for every $10 wagered. If you are a high roller, you will get 100 points with a single spin, and who knows, maybe even 500 or 1,000 points, all depending on the bet size. Contrary to that, punters willing to bet only $0.25 at the time will need to make 40 spins to get their hands on 100 points. It is not a bad idea to go through their loyalty system in advance, before you even sign up with the casino, as offers can vary tremendously from one site to another. Some casinos offer a low exchange rate, and ask for a $1 for a single point, which seems tempting, but don't offer any lucrative prizes slot enthusiasts might find relevant or useful. Others have great offers and exclusive loyalty promotions, but terms and conditions related to them can be so demanding and off-putting you'll regret signing up in the first place. Finding the right balance between what you need and what the casino has to offer can be hard, but it is not impossible.


Step 3 - Set Your Budget and Bet Size

As previously, mentioned, big bets can help you get extra benefits, but that isn't the only thing to think about. Before you even decide to refer to yourself as a high roller, think of your finances. Maybe $10 is your weekly budget and you don’t want to spend it all on a single spin. And while budgeting, also have a realistic goal: if you are playing smaller denominations, your wins will be proportionally smaller, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you are winning. Also, nowadays most slot games have extra features like free spins and bonuses, as well as multipliers that can increase your win several hundred or thousands of times. So, yeah, maybe, in the end, you won’t win the maximum payout, but getting a couple of thousands on your balance isn’t bad either, especially if the initial bet was only a $1 or $5. Another thing to consider is protecting your winnings from yourself, and by that, we mean setting a win limit. The win limit can be any amount that you find satisfying enough for you to stop playing that day. By setting a win limit, your slot strategy will pay off, as you won’t feel the urge to keep playing to double up or, maybe even triple your winnings. Such forced playing usually doesn’t bring any additional cash, but losses. 


Step 4 - Choose the Best Slot

Now we come to the trickiest part - choosing the best game for your slot strategy. Gaming preferences are as individual as they can be, so it is impossible to recommend a single title or software provider that will fit every punter. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid progressive jackpot slots. This special type of game promises astonishing prizes, sometimes even millions of dollars, that are constantly growing because every punter is contributing to the pot. So basically, every losing spin adds up to the prize. Sounds good? Think again and ask yourself, how did these pots get so big anyway? The answer is simple - the odds are so bad, it is almost impossible to win, and even if progressive slots are fun, quirky, with amazing graphics and top-notch sound effects and music, it is better to avoid them. But, if so, what games to play? Depending on your budget, pick one of the video slots, or classic 3-reel slots. Video slots usually allow higher denominations and can be as creative and thrilling as progressive jackpots. Furthermore, we advise you to visit the provider’s website and find out more about the game, as they usually publish specifications such as volatility level with each and every release. If you are on a more humble budget, try classic “fruity” slots. Such slots are, according to some punters, far less exciting, but your odds are much better. They usually don’t offer any special features, bonuses, and extra games, but we are sure more frequent winnings will motivate you to try them out. 


Step 5 - Gamble Responsibly

There is not a single strategy that shouldn't include this important step. Slots are fast-paced, and one can easily forget about any limits and restrictions they imposed on themselves such as maximum losses or maximum wins. This is why it's so important not to spin those reels mindlessly, but to take a break and approach every spin as if it was the last one. that is the only way to know when to stop, and when you've had enough. Slots are a very unique game on the market, as they are completely automated gaming solutions, but that doesn't mean one shouldn't approach them carefully and mindfully while keeping a close eye on all the necessary elements required for successful (and not to mention lucrative) gaming sessions that won't affect their psychological and financial wellbeing.

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